Warsaw Uprising Museum

The popular Warsaw Rising Museum is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel.
This interactive museum is a tribute of Warsaw’s residents to those
who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital.
The permanent exhibition depicts fighting and everyday life during the Rising 1944.
Visitors are guided through the subsequent stages of the Rising until the time
when the Insurgents left Warsaw.
Information about opening hours and tickets – HERE.

POLIN Museum

In 2016, POLIN Museum won the title of the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA 2016).The Museum is a modern institution of culture- it is a historical museum which presents the 1000 years of Jewish life in the Polish lands. It is also a place of meeting and dialogue among those who wish to explore the past and present Jewish culture, those eager to draw conclusions for the future from Polish-Jewish history, and finally those who are ready to face the stereotypes and oppose xenophobia and nationalistic prejudices that threaten today’s societies.
Information about opening hours and tickets – HERE.

Palace of Culture

Palace of Culture and Science is one of the highest and most recognisable building in Warsaw can be seen from almost every part of the capital. Go up to the observation deck on the 30th floor of the building and see the beautiful panorama of the city from a height of 114 metres. It was opened in 1955 on the initiative of Joseph Stalin as a “gift of the Soviet people for the Poles”. Built by Russian workers, for a long time, it was considered to be a symbol of socialist power. Currently, the palace is home to theatres, a cinema, museums, trendy pubs.
Information about opening hours and tickets – HERE.

Station Museum

The museum displays unique uniforms, railway models, old telephones, tickets from over a century ago and many other treasures. But the most impressive are the trains and locomotives – some of them are the only examples in the world.
The Station Museum is housed in the historic building of the former Warsaw Main Railway Station – until 1967 the most important station in the capital.
Information about opening hours and tickets – HERE.

Old Town

Warsaw’s Old Town is the jewel in the Polish capital’s crown. It delights visitors with its colourful tenement houses and the unique atmosphere of its narrow streets. The Old Town Square is the oldest and one of the most charming squares in Warsaw. The Royal Castle and  the column of King Sigismund III Vasa are located on the Old Town Square. In the summer, the Old Town is full of café gardens and becomes a stage for cultural festivals. In winter, the Old Town and the Royal Route sparkle with beautiful illuminations.

Chopin Museum

It is located in the historic Ostrogski Palace and is one of the most modern biographical museums in Europe.
The exhibits and multimedia displays tell the story of the life and the work of the composer.
Information about opening hours and tickets- HERE.

The Royal Łazienki

The Royal Łazienki was King Stanisław August’s summer residence, in which a classicist architecture is harmoniously blended with it is natural surroundings featuring fabulous gardens.
Information about opening hours and tickets – HERE.

Copernicus Science Centre

The centre is a real paradise for science buffs, and not just the youngest ones. You can carry out your own experiments and see how your senses let you interpret the world.
You will discover the capabilities of your body, your sensitivity to light, colour perception and susceptibility to illusions. Hundreds of exhibits will help you understand waves and current.
Information about opening hours and tickets – HERE.

Warsaw Breweries

It is a place with history. It was there, in 1846, that the Haberbusch and Schiele brewery was founded. It was the largest brewery in the Kingdom of Poland and one of the most important on the brewing map of Europe.
Today it is a vibrant new urban space with restaurants, cafes, office buildings and town squares.
More information – HERE.

Norblin Factory

Norblin Factory is a 2 hectare site in Warsaw’s Wola district filled with unique history. The area, which has been a neglected pearl of post-industrial architecture for years, is now a new part of the city with offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, Food Town, an eco-bazaar, a boutique cinema and an open-air museum commemorating the history of one of the largest industrial enterprises of the former Kingdom of Poland!
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